Relaxing Touch Massage

        Introductory rate: $49.00 for your first hour massage

Thank you for choosing Relaxing Touch Massage. We provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you will feel like a guest, rather than a customer. This helps maintain a level of integrity not seen in most spas. I am highly intuitive and skilled in knowing the body's muscular structure and pressure points.

Massage can benefit anyone who is willing to open themselves up to the experience. Basic human touch has been proven to have a therapeutic effect. 

Benefits of massage include but are not limited to; increased circulation, mental emotional well being and increased range of motion which leads to a better night's sleep. 

Melt away your stress while listening to soft music. 

Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate any comments or feedback. Please email me at: with any questions or concerns you may have.

Mark Catena, L.M.T.

My second visit to Relaxing Touch Massage by Mark was for his Reflexology. I have a severe case of Polyneuropathy. Mark did his magic for 1hr. I had my best weekend in just over 3 years!! My pain level was the lowest it had been since I got my diagnosis. Now I'm a VIP member.
Tammy W.

Wow! Thank you Mark for a great massage. My body really needed it. My body has been so sore from endless coughing and my muscles were tight. Now, I can move around better. Thank you for your great massages, but also for being such a caring and wonderful person. You are a blessing to me!
 Ernestine S.
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